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The Black and Red Jumping Spider is an animatronic made in 2020. The animatronic resembles a large, furry black spider with red stripes on its legs, and a red patch on it's abdomen, laying on a large web. When activated, the Spider jumps up while making noises, and its eyes light up red.

Tekky Design's Description

Sleeping Spider Jumps Out Of His Webbed Bed Ready To Attack! Complete With Evil Lighted Eyes And Creepy Sounds!

  • Fast Jumping Action 
  • Evil Light-Up Eyes
  • Creepy Sounds
  • Sound; Motion Or Footpad Activated 


  • This is the first new variant of the Jumping Spider sold by Spirit Halloween since the Brown Jumping Spider, in 2013.
  • This is the eight variant of the Jumping Spider produced by Tekky Design so far. 



Official Listings

Spirit Halloween: spirithalloween.com/product/1011/214102.uts