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Dead Humor was an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween in 2013. It resembles a clown dressed in a red suit with black ruffles and pom poms, with blood gushing from the mouth. When activated, the clown would quickly rise up from a laying position while laughing insanely.

Spirit Halloween's Description 

"The humor never dies, but your guest might when they run into this terrifying Dead Humor clown decoration on Halloween. This blood-thirsty clown likes to lay down and play dead, but rises up to scare unsuspecting passers-by with creepy laughter!"


  • This prop was set up in the Spirit Clown Train theme at Spirit Halloween in 2013.
  • The back of the head is flat so that it can rest on the ground easier.
  • Dead Humor's Spirit Halloween item number was 01180934.