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The Sitting Scarecrow is a halloween animatronic made from 2016-present. The prop resembles a scarecrow with a burlap head and black eyes wearing a pointy hat, grayish blue shirt, gray pants and black boots with a bowl in its lap. When activated, the scarecrow's head pops up while it screams, before the head slowly descends back down while laughing is heard.

Tekky Toys' Description

"Who Dares to Take Candy From the Scarecrow's Bowl? Scarecrow's Head Snaps Up Revealing A Scary Face.

  • Terrifying Surprise 
  • Bone Chilling Screaming and Creepy Laughter
  • Motion or Sound Activated
  • Footpad Compatible (sold separately
  • External Speaker Compatible (sold separately) 


  • Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, this prop is one of Tekky's most popular animatronics to date, similar to the Jumping Spiders.
  • This was the first Sitting Scare animatronic ever made by Tekky; because of its sale success, multiple other variants were produced each year after it.
  • This animatronic was exclusive to Spirit Halloween from 2016-2018; in 2019, it became a wholesale item and was picked up by several retailers as listed in the infobox. 
  • This animatronic's audio was reused for the Corn Stalker tabletop. 
  • The other Sitting Scare animatronics (so far) are the Sitting Scare Clown (2017) and the Sitting Scare Witch (2018).

Official Listings

spirithalloween.com/product/127740.uts (Spirit Halloween)

orientaltrading.com/animated-sitting-scarecrow-a2-13932213.fltr (Oriental Trading)

target.com/p/sitting-scarecrow-halloween-decorative-holiday-scene-prop/-/A-76628560 (Target)

Note: the prop is Out of Stock at the Home Depot.