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The Surprise Scarecrow, also known as the Standing Surprise Scarecrow, is a Halloween animatronic made in 2019 and 2020. The animatronic resembles a scarecrow with a burlap head with sunken in, black facial features, a brown hat, green coat and plaid undershirt, brown pants and straw hands and feet. When activated, the Scarecrow's head snaps up while it screams; the head then returns to a resting position.

Tekky Design's Description 

"The Animated Surprise Standing Scarecrow Lies In Wait... With A Terrible Surprise!"

  • PIR Human Sensor Activated
  • Fast-Head-Snapping Action 
  • Scary Sounds


  • The animatronic is a standing version of the Hanging Surprise Scarecrow produced in 2018.
  • The prop was featured at the 2020 Halloween and Party Expo in the Jmarcus booth.


Official Listing 

Big Lots: biglots.com/product/69-surprise-standing-scarecrow-animated-decor/p810431615